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'Ana yol bellidir, dönemeç ve sapaklar yolcuya aittir.'


A Local Story

Hello, I'm Belgin. I opened the doors of Lokal8, which was born suddenly as my first unplanned but heartfelt project, in October 2017.

As a child, I admired my father's time in Lokal, parallel to the RexX cinema. He would take me and my sisters once in a while. This was the place of Kadıköy Lions members.

I learned from him how fulfilling one of the purposes of his existence strengthens the human energy. I thought my father was transforming into another person in the local work where he met for voluntary work, not compulsory, I thought he found himself.

His smile that I did not see very often on his face, and the traces of my world from these meetings he was never bored with, came to life as Lokal8 one day.

Good thing he found it. We gathered great memories together under this roof for 2.5 years. Meeting new people has given me a lot.

Now, while our world is changing, we continue to meet online to leave a mark with LokalHome.

We learn, remember, dare to think, with the contents of the Localized Curriculum 'TEMAS'. In addition to their natural contribution to our lives, we contribute to various institutions that are an initiative of charity for a good world as far as we can.

Join us, let's CONTACT Life together, let's create another world story together.

The Manifesto of Contact with Life


Let alone all the theories that find life full of dangers, all those 'impossible' excuses. There is no rescuer, no society in need of rescue. Our greatest strength for a good future, our consciousness. Social-collective awareness
time to raise is time to touch all dimensions of life.
The contact we want to give life to; Contact the soul, heart and mind with curiosity and courage.
Because whether we are aware of it or not, whether we feel it or not, we need to wake up, to be aware or just to remember. Thinking beyond what we know, questioning, taking responsibility, building, producing, creating benefit for the whole, sharing, loving and understanding.
We, the 'modern' human being separated from each other in time; we were scattered away, into separate worlds. So with life, with the new world
Within the scope of 'Localized Curriculum' in TEMAS, selfish and
We want to draw the end line of the era away from responsibility together.

It's time to let go of the idea of separation and stay in touch, in intimacy, knowing that we are in the Age of Us.

Conscious people can write the new age hand in hand.
This is a re-contact.

Curriculum; It consists of workshops, webinars, book-film reading and conversations that will contribute to our sincere, open and deep connection with our roots, ourselves, the future and nature.
We will try to establish a new relationship with our changing world in transparent proximity, to dare to be curious.

Not only for today and ourselves, but for conveying good marks to the future.
This is our common responsibility.

Localized Curriculum

TEMAS ig Kopyası Kopyası.jpg
What do our roots tell us? What is there to remember or learn, we wonder, we value.
Join to connect with life through our roots.

Abstract, tangible, from the roots of humanity
content on cultural heritage.
Philosophy, universal consciousness, history of religions, food-fragrance culture, mythology, social
psychology, art history, medical history, precious, Anatolia and more.

With our existence, with our essence, with ourselves, with others, observation,
awakening exercises within awareness.
To connect with life through our existence.

Philosophy, mental science, psychology, mythology, sociology, communication, creative drama, literature, holistic health, conscious awareness and more.

TEMAS ig Kopyası Kopyası (1).jpg
TEMAS ig Kopyası Kopyası (2).jpg
CONTACT with the future
Conscious learning and awareness studies on exploring and understanding the changing needs of our world. To adapt to the future, to contribute.

Concept conversations on the understanding of macro-thinking people, future professions, frequency medicine, the future of agriculture, the gift economy and donation systems, active
awareness of citizenship and more.

We care about understanding and remembering that we are a whole and an integral part of all life.
For a clean life with nature.

How it is possible to have a habitable planet for all, without harm, learning, collaboration and ideation work, inspiring
Zero waste awareness, climate change awareness, return to agriculture, incorporating medical plants into life, beekeeping, biodynamic / organic farm establishment, micro green, soilless agriculture, realization of lost gardening.

TEMAS ig Kopyası Kopyası (3).png
Multi-layered learning, internalization, special awakening, invitation to action studies for realization experiences.

Comprehensive programs designed for different learning needs and transformation motivations are created weekly or monthly, or a detailed discussion of a content with guidance.

Deep contact with yourself and life.

A movement that is out of the hands of man and contributes to erasing the traces of the old age understanding of life, which is an impasse.
It will ensure the healing of ecological and social wounds; Contact with Life Platform for common, high awareness and contribution.
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It provides the sharing of the contents of individual life and TEMAS volunteers that support the communication of social initiatives that aim to improve life in all dimensions. It invites you to develop an understanding of the consciousness of environment, unity and love, which makes a voice on social and ecological agenda.


brand design

promotion and cooperation

content, branding design
promotion and cooperation

Those who have content to tell and keep them on the shelf,

Those who have attempted but still do not absorb them,

New to the road,

For those who dream of personal branding, it covers the process of thinking and creating together.

Write your story and why you want to design together with the link below, let's talk.

It covers media planning supported by programmatic digital technology infrastructures and the preparation and publication of project-based content on platforms compatible with the effective communication dynamics of the age.

This service is offered on a collaborative basis, exclusively to those receiving content and brand design services.



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You can watch all online sessions for one month with a special link only for participants.

You can get discounts for multiple participations.

Basics of Good Life:
Vagal health
Age Well
Vibration Medicine
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